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Our basic backyard storage shed is YOUR solution for storing lawn equipment, yard tools, outdoor supplies, and more! We offer the Workshop Style in all sizes from a diminutive 8’x8’ for storing a push mower and garden tools to a gargantuan 16’x40,’ capable of swallowing several passenger vehicles. Traditional siding and shingles are our standard option, but the Workshop Style is also available with Steel Roofing and Siding for greater durability and a more industrial appearance. If shingles are ordered, the Barn Style comes with the Owens-Corning Limited Lifetime Warranty Shingles available in many attractive colors (Link). Like all of our sheds, it is covered by our 5-year Workmanship Guarantee as well as all applicable manufacturers’ warranties.

For additional interior lighting, order one or more optional windows which can be either standard- or custom-placed in the walls. Skylights are an additional option if windows are not desired because of safety or privacy reasons.

Many other options are available, such as window boxes and shutters (if space permits). Also, be sure to order a ramp to safely park your riding lawn mower.


Take your storage to the next level (literally) with our Side Lofted Barn. This shed takes advantage of the rafter area, often unused in other shed styles and turns it into additional storage space accessible by an attractive ladder. The Side Lofted Barn is available in sizes ranging from a tiny 8’x12’ to our maximum size of 16’x40’ to ensure that your storage needs will be met, no matter how many items you are seeking a new home for. Although the standard option is traditional siding and tar shingles, you can order your Side Lofted Barn with optional Steel Siding and Roofing for incredible durability and the industrial appearance sought after by many individuals and businesses.

The expansive loft area will give you plenty of space for all those seasonal decorations that are cluttering up your garage while leaving a generous floor area for your lawn mower, tiller, bikes, garden tools, and yard supplies. Be sure to include the optional ramp in order to park your lawn mower safely.

The Side Lofted Barn can be ordered with an optional electrical package with installed outlets, light fixtures, etc. Many other attractive options are available as well, such as decorative shutters for the two windows flanking the double doors. Order yours today!


With our handsome New England Style shed, we dress basic storage in a fancy package! With the attractive extra side door for additional access as well as the cute little double windows, we have taken pains to ensure that you never need to say, ”Oh, that’s just my garden shed.” Instead you’ll have visitors inquiring where they can order such an attractive exhibit for their backyards!

The New England Style can be ordered in sizes ranging from the tiny 8×8, perfect for tight corners and small city lots, to the expansive 16×40 for those with plenty of space and needing a second garage. Of course, many people find their perfect solution to their storage needs lies somewhere in between. Whatever your dimensional needs, the New England Style shed will store your bikes, garden supplies, outdoor equipment, seasonal decorations, and ATVs in style! Or alternatively, it could be the perfect outdoor studio or mancave!

Although the standard option is shingles for the roofing of the New England Style barn, Steel Roofing is also available for greater durability.

Be sure to check out our New England Cabin Style if your need is for a tiny house instead of, or in addition to, storage. BlackBear Barns is YOUR solution, no matter what you’re seeking!


With Old World elegance in spades, the Quaker Style Barn is THE perfect GARDEN SHED! With its offset peak, beautiful Owens-Corning shingles available in a variety of colors link, and attractive double doors, the Quaker Style will add the perfect touch to your outdoor space as well as meet all of your storage needs.

The Quaker Style is available in sizes ranging from the diminutive 8×8 to the garage-rivaling 14×40. Whatever the size, all of your garden tools and supplies, lawn equipment, and seasonal decorations will be stored and protected in an attractive fashion.

The list of options is long. Optional shutters and flowerboxes complement the Quaker Style Barn particularly well. Nothing will be more nearly perfect than red geraniums blooming beneath the two windows that flank the double doors. Also, be sure to include the optional ramp in order to park your lawnmower safely.


This is THE classic, original minibarn! With its traditional, four-piece rafters, low sidewalls, and high double doors on the end, this one simply cries out for the classic red paint and white trim! (All other paint colors are available, of course, and many other pleasing combinations are possible).  View colors.

Our Barn Style mini barns are available in all sizes from a diminutive 8×8 to a spacious 16×40, capable of storing everything in your current garage with room to spare. They come standard with Owens-Corning Limited Warranty Shingles, available in many attractive colors. Link to shingles. They also carry all manufacturers’ warranties as well as our 5-year Workmanship Guarantee as do all of our structures.

If traditional siding and shingles are not your choices, however, do not fear! The Barn Style is available with metal siding and roofing for greater durability and an industrial appearance. Check out all the available metal colors here.

Check out all the available options for the Barn Style. Be sure to order your optional ramp in order to safely park your riding lawnmower.

Storage Shed Floor Widths.

Due to DOT Oversize Load Regulations, Floors on 12′,14, and 16′ Buildings are 6″-12″ less than nominal size.