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Provide your animals the shelter that they need from both the blazing sun and the rain and snow with our handsome metal animal shelters. Whether you have one or two horses, several beef cows, and calves, or a flock of sheep and/or goats, these buildings are the perfect solution. They could even be used as shelters for rabbit cages or dog kennels. And with ample clearance for almost anything except possibly your pet giraffe, treated wooden skids to resist rot, and interior side protection in the form of four stacked 2x10s, our animal housing units will provide years of dependable service even in the most demanding weather conditions.

Our animal shelters are available in sizes ranging from 10×12, perfect for housing one or two large animals or a larger number of smaller ones, to 14×28, a size capable of providing shelter for at least three of four large animals or a numerous flock of smaller ones. The optional tack room provides convenient ample storage for all of your feed, tack, and supplies. (Adding a tack room will of course change the space available for animals).

Our animal shelters are available exclusively in metal siding and roofing. For available metal colors, click here. Reserve yours today for the health of your four-footed friends!


Looking to save  a few bucks? With our Economy Shelters you get the same quality construction with a much lower investment.